Visit Still River Winery

Visit1Still River Winery is a warm and welcoming home-based winery located 25 miles west-northwest of Boston in the heart of scenic Harvard, MA. Harvard is known for its many historic farmhouses, picturesque New England town common, stone walls, hard working apple farms and the village of Still River with its stunning western vistas.

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The Holtzman Family, owners of Still River Winery, believe the best way to appreciate apple ice wine is to visit the winery and taste for yourself. For those unfamiliar with ice wines or wanting the chance to explore the wine making process in a special way, a personally guided tour offers the ideal setting to discover the science and art of making a world class, award-winning apple ice wine.

Winemaker Wade Holtzman remarks,

“Our tours are a relaxed and engaging experience, giving guests the opportunity to learn how a small batch, specialized winery operates. It doesn’t matter if you’re a connoisseur looking to round out your wine collection, or a novice curious to learn what ice wines are all about, everyone has a great time visiting Still River Winery.”

Tasting Hours

The winery is open to visitors weekends from 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. HOWEVER, RESERVATIONS ARE NEEDED IN AUGUST 2015! and are suggested year-round. There is no charge for the tour and tasting. Visitors should plan on 30 minutes (large groups will take longer), with the last tour starting at approximately 4:30 p.m.


HouseStill River Winery is located in a Victorian style colonial residence, in a rural residential neighborhood on the outskirts of Harvard, MA. We share a long curvy driveway with our neighbors. Bear right when you come into the driveway and park your car.

You may also park neatly curbside on Bolton Road, in front of our home. We feature a picture of our home on the website so you will know you are in the right spot. When you arrive, don’t be shy! Come right in to the left of the Still River Winery sign and garage doors. We’ll be right down to greet you. You might even be warmly greeted by our unassuming and friendly rescue dogs who keep us company and reside with us at Still River Winery in their golden retirement years.

Tour Features

Visit4During the tour, we’ll show you all the steps involved in making apple ice wine and answer your questions. We love sharing insights on ways to serve the wine, can suggest recipe ideas, and tell you about the special places that feature our apple ice wine, from Mandarin Hotels to Disney’s Epcot Center to countless fine restaurants and wine shops around the country.

Visitors 21 ages and older can sample the wine during the tour, and children may accompany their parents provided they are properly supervised. Following the tour, wine can be purchased by the bottle or by the case.

Scheduling Special Visits

If you have a group larger than 10 people, want to make arrangements for a private tour, or are interested in scheduling a weekday tour, please call us at 978-415-WINE (9463).

Won’t You Join Us?


We hope you’ll make plans to visit us at Still River Winery someday. Our gallery of images shows a typical Saturday welcoming visitors and old friends alike. There’s nothing we enjoy more than sharing our passion for making the world’s best apple ice wine with others! We hope to see you soon.

To learn more and schedule your private wine tasting and tour, send us a message via our contact page or call us at 978-415-WINE [9463].