avatarWhat comes out of Still River Winery is bliss in a glass. With a pristine flavor that is not quite cider, not quite apple juice, and not quite apple wine, the Holtzmans’ Apfel Eis is sweet and tart without the fire of apple spirits like Calvados or the tang of hard cider.

Julia Quinn-Szcesuil
The Boston Globe
avatarStill River’s apple ice wine plays perfectly on any table. Gourmet doesn’t mean expensive; the value of Apfel Eis encourages everyone to be a gourmand in their own home and serve it with their favorite cheeses and desserts!
Eileen M. Elliott, Wine Buyer

Eileen M. Elliott, Wine Buyer
Cardullos Gourmet Shoppe
avatarIt’s a pleasure to sell Still Rivers apple ice wine at The Concord Cheese Shop. It’s a product that offers great versatility. Some customers enjoy its balance of sweetness and acidity with savory cheddar cheeses, while others like it as a dessert wine.

Peter Masters, Wine Manager
The Concord Cheese Shop
avatarStill River’s apple ice wine is a personal favorite. I enjoy watching our guest’s surprise and delight at discovering the just right balance of sweetness and acidity of the wine. When customers order this wine at Tomasso Trattoria they often stop by Panzano Market afterwards and buy a bottle to take home. It’s also a frequently requested wine in our custom gift baskets that we ship nationwide.

Margot and Wade Holtzman, owners of Still River Winery, make selling their apple ice wine a pleasure. Their high level of engagement in their business helps us show our customers the people and passion behind the product, which in turn helps us deliver the best kind of customer experience. As a retailer and a restaurant, we value their accessibility to our needs and enthusiastic participation in our wine tastings.

Fred Mullins, General Manager / Wine Director
Panzano Provviste e Vino / Tomasso Trattoria e Enoteca