Visiting Quebec’s Ice Hotel

The Story of Still River Winery begins on a frigid day in January 2007, when Wade and Margot Holtzman of Harvard, MA set out on a trip north to visit the infamous Ice Hotel, located 20 miles northeast of Quebec City, Canada. While the idea of sleeping in a fancy igloo didn’t excite Margot, it turned out to be a wonderful experience. Both were enchanted by the magic of staying in a snow and ice structure.

Discovering Cidre de Glace

During their weekend trek, Wade spotted a Canadian invention known as cidre de glace, which is ice wine made from apples. One taste and it was love at first sip for the couple. Together they instantly recognized that if such a great wine could be made from Canadian apples, then using premium Massachusetts apples from the farms surrounding their New England home would result in an ice wine ever more delicious.

And so began the Holtzman family’s passion for making the best apple ice wine on the planet.

Apple Ice Wine is a Family Affair

Encouraged by family and friends who raved about their creation, and assisted by their enterprising son Leif, Still River Winery entered their apple ice wine in the Newport Wine Festival in 2008. Sommeliers greeted them with enthusiasm and applause over the quality of the wine, in turn encouraging the Holtzman family to pursue the serious development of their winemaking operation.

Made in Harvard, MA but Shared with the World

Today, Still River Winery’s apple ice wine is sold at fine wine shops, served at respected hotels and restaurants, and shipped nationally. Though larger today than its simple beginnings, Still River Winery’s apple ice wine continues to be hand-crafted and fermented in 5-gallon glass carboys by winemaker Wade Holtzman. The family remains in love with what they do and welcomes visitors for tours and tastings on week-ends and by appointment throughout the year. Simply call 978-415-WINE [9463].