Rescue Dogs of Still River Winery

When you come to Still River Winery, get ready to meet our furry friends!

Rescue Dog NaliWinery Dogs

Nali is a 10-year black lab rescue dog from California who flew in to join our team last winter. She greets customers with her friendly manner and exuberant tail wagging. Here she is taking a relaxing break next to the carboys. We love the way her eyes match the hue of the wine at this stage of the fermentation process. Nali is a gentle soul and quite at home at the winery.



Rescue Dog Totle

Totle, short for Aristotle, arrived from down south and has been a member of the Still River Winery for more than 10 years. Totle loves playing with all the children that visit the winery with their parents. Kids delight in playing fetch and frolicking in the backyard while parents take a tour of the operation inside to learn about how we make apple ice wine.

Rescue Dog Elly

Rescue DogsElly is our southern belle and shy by nature. She must have been a yogi in a former life, because she is an observer through and through. When visitors arrive at the winery, she hangs back or retreats completely. She is happiest watching the excitement unfold from afar. When the winery is quiet, she moseys about watching Wade at work and keeps me company while I keep pace with the paperwork. She is a wonderful companion to all that get to know her.