The Boston Globe Magazine say Drink Your Apples, and reports on how we use local Massachusetts fruit to make delicious ice wine.

The Harvard Press features an in-depth article on Still River Winery’s “freeze and thaw” method of wine making that turns apples into eiswein.

The Passionate Foodie Read Wine Battle Royale:  a head-to-head competition between Apfel Eis of Massachusetts & Neige of Canada, both apple ice wines.

A Boston Food Diary reports on the beautiful, picturesque town of Harvard, MA where Apple Ice Wine is made and details the care that is taken with making each bottle.

The Harvard Post An in-depth interview with Leif Holtzman of Still River Winery. Hear him talk about his passion for bringing a locally made wine product to market.

Harvard Magazine Apple Ice Wine makers & entrepreneurs Leif, Margot, and Wade Holtzman talk about how unique and gratifying it is to hold something in your hands that you have made and people enjoy. Wine expert Harvey Finkel shares his tasting notes on Apfel Eis: “Enticing complex of apple aromas; Perfectly balanced sweetness; Remarkably long finish; Very fine!”

EdibleBoston Cathy Huyghe, publisher of and Boston correspondent for visits Still River Winery to chronicle the process through which our apple ice wine’s “rich and textured” taste is achieved. Wine reviewer Ken describes Apfel Eis; “This wine is full bodied, rich and thick with concentrated green apple cider flavor,….very refreshing,…mouthwatering!” A top Boston wine website suggests that those trying Still River Winery’s apple ice wine are “in for a treat.” Watch an interview of Leif and Margot Holtzman of Still River Winery talk about how apple ice wine is made and the magic behind its refreshing, crisp and delicately smooth taste.   A beer review site writes a special feature on Still River Winery’s apple ice wine, praising its “balanced sweetness” and shares their recipe for an Apple Ice Wine Martini. Nicholas Kouros of The Harvard Press explains how Still River Winery has reached “perfection” with its apple ice wine and how taking a sip of this sweet, golden nectar transports you to an apple orchard on a crisp fall day. Still River Winery’s apple ice wine is terrific, says Barbara Houle of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette. Wicked Local wine blogger Rebecca Rethore uncorks the story of Still River Winery’s apple ice wine. She describes it as “a lighter bodied dessert wine with aromas of red apples, dried apricots and peach.” Passionate Foodie Richard Auffrey talks about his visit to the Boston Wine Expo and disovers our Still River Winery’s apple ice wine, applauding its “nice crispness” and “mild sweetness.” Jessica Quirk from Boston’s luxury real estate website heralds Still River Winery’s apple ice wine as the 2009 Boston Wine Expo highlight.