“Since 1950 Cardullos Gourmet Shoppe…

has had the opportunity to work with many local craftspeople. Margot and Wade are truly genuine, anyone that cares about where their money is spent, where the products come from, and who makes them, will be drawn to the delicious local indulgence of Still River’s Apfel Eis!

Apfel eis is a creative take on Eiswein.

This is a serious dessert wine that makes everyone smile! Still River Winery’s apple ice wine tells the story of a local couple and their passion for their craft. Their energy and understanding of the hospitality business can be discovered by all who taste their apple ice wine. What else could any gourmet shop ask for?

Still River’s Apple Ice Wine …

plays perfectly on any table. Gourmet doesn’t mean expensive; the value of Apfel Eis encourages everyone to be a gourmand in their own home and serve it with their favorite cheeses and desserts!”


Eileen M. Elliott, Wine Buyer
Cardullos Gourmet Shoppe
Harvard Square, Cambridge MA