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The Wine World Called & Kate Webber Answered

Meet Kate Webber, Owner & Wine Director, Gibbet Hill Grill

Kate Webber’s extensive wine knowledge and expertise made her the perfect sommelier to review Still River Winery’s New! Sparkling Apple Ice Wine.

During our conversation, Kate also shared insights on Webber Restaurant Group, how she’s blended her Masters in creative writing with a career in wine, and remarks on what’s it like being a woman making her mark in Boston’s wine world.

A Conversation with Amy Traverso

The Apple Lover’s Cookbook

How many apples and how much time did it take you to write The Apple Lover’s Cookbook?

The Apple Lover’s Cookbook took 4 ½ years and I divided my time in equal measures between recipe development, writing and research.

When I started my research I lived in San Francisco. I used to go to the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market and buy every kind of apple variety I could find. I’d return home and review all the apples’ characteristics. With pad and pencil in hand I’d take lots of notes which I would later refer back to when writing the book.

In terms of number of apples, that’s a tough one because some recipes call for 1 pound of apples, while others require up to 5 pounds. But it’s safe to say I used between 300-400 pounds of apples in recipe development while writing the book.

Over the 4 1/2 years I was always sending my recipes out to various testers, but it wasn’t until the photo shoot for the book that I actually got to see my dishes being prepared outside of my kitchen.

Speaking of the photo shoot, the photographs are stunning, tell me what it was like taking pictures for the book?

Photographing the recipes was a highlight! …..

Ran Duan: Mixologist in the Making

“I’ve got a thirst to learn!”

Ran Duan is a freshly minted Johnson & Wales graduate who describes himself as a budding bartender. During culinary school Ran enjoyed a fondness for food, but in short order discovered that his true passion lay in the high art of cocktail making.

Arriving on Boston’s bar scene in 2009…

Ran put himself on a barstool at the epicenter of Boston’s discerning bar scene. His research took him to spots like Eastern Standard Grill, Deep Ellum, and Drink where he observed techniques, trends, and absorbed cocktail history from the city’s top mixologists. Ran benefited from having the perfect laboratory for practicing his new skills; his family’s Sichuan Garden Restaurant and Bar in Woburn, MA. No matter the staggering Boston bar tabs generated by his son, Mr. Duan senior never wavered in fueling his son’s dream, generously turning over the family’s bar to serve as a platform for showcasing Ran’s developing talents.