Special Feature:  Apple Ice Wine from Still River Winery

Apple Ice Wine on a beer site? While we focus on beer those of you who have been following us for a while know we love featuring great local products and this happens to be one of them. We were introduced to Still River Winery’s Apfel Eis by a friend of ours. We’ve had regular ice wines before, many of which have been a bit sweet for us, but we were intrigued by Apfel Eis Ice Wine.

So what is Apple Ice wine? Good question; Still River Winery separates out the frozen water crystals from ice cold pressed cider and then slow ferments the remaining cider at cold temperatures over a few months. The result? A really interesting and delicious ice wine. We shared a bottle with a group of friends after dinner one night and were really impressed.

The nose is full of crisp apples, a slight hint of tartness and a nice mellow sweetness. Wile some ice wines can be cloyingly sweet we were surprised by the balanced sweetness. The flavor of the apples is extremely complex and each sip is almost it’s own unique experience. The alcohol is nicely tempered by the sweetness making this very easy to enjoy.

Having had regular ice wine martinis before we thought we’d try and Apple Ice Wine version. We did a simple 50/50 mix of vodka and Apfel Eis Apple Ice Wine. The result…delicious! There’s not doubt that this wine is sweet, making it more of a dessert drink for us, but in a martini this drink becomes something new, something we could definitely drink at dinner or just out for drinks. While we didn’t try it, we think it might be even better with a splash of cranberry.

And for any beer drinkers out there still a little puzzled, we already make our own hard cider, and Apple Wine isn’t that far off! Give this wine a shot, we think you’ll like it.

For more info check out Still River Winery’s site: Still River Winery