Local & Delicious Apple Ice Wine

Based in Harvard, MA, Still River Winery is a unique winery that harvests not grapes, but apples to create a delicious beverage called Apfel Eis, which is German for “Apple Ice Wine”.

And what is Apple Ice Wine, or more specifically, Apfel Eis? The answer lies in the process of its creation. It is started by carefully selecting a blend of local apples and then pressing them without any preservatives. The juice is then slowly fermented at very cold temperatures in order to sustain the delicately light aromas and flavors. And unlike other apple wines and cider, no additional sugar is added.

In this segment (filmed at Allston Wine Shop), we chat with two of the founders of Still River Winery, Margot and Leif Holtzman. They share with us the art of creating Apfel Eis as well as the company’s beginnings and current success in the local marketplace. And of course, we taste Apfel Eis and are quite pleased and eased with its refreshing, crisp and delicately smooth flavor.

As with all excellent wines, passion is key and as you’ll see the Holtzman family have dedicated themselves to making a fabulous product that despite being available for only 2 years has already won several awards in wine competitions throughout New England. To find a location that sells Still River Winery’s Apfel Eis, check out their website at www.stillriverwinery.com. Cheers! – RL


Apple Ice Wine – Local and Delicious…Our Favorite Combination! from French Oak TV on Vimeo.